Cold Tea and Rice with Chilled Tohu



Recipe of Hiya yakko Chaduke



1/4 cake “silken” tofu
Soy sauce
2 bowl portions boiled rice
4 green perilla leaves
White parched sesame
Stock or Japanese green tea
Wasabi garnished



1 Put the “silken” tofu in the bowl
and cover with plastic wrap.
Let stand in refrigerator to be chilled well
until immediately before serving

2 Rince the green perilla leaves in cold water
and remove excess water. Then cut into
julienne strips. Cut the “silken” tofu into your favorite size

3 Put the rice into a bowl
Place the Tofu on the top of the rice and sprinckle
perilla leaves, wasabi garnished and white sesame.

4 Pour cold tea or cold stock over the rice
(Pour on some soy sauce and garnish with your favorite condiments)