My grandfather was a sad Coward but...


Japanese Morning glories tell us...

A home visit

Assuming it to be true, what should we do about it?

There is no easy street to learnig.

5 word woman use A hidden meaning ⓹Loud sigh

5 word women use  A hidden meaning ④ Go ahead!

5 word women use 3 A hidden meaning Nothing

5 word women use 2 A hidden meaning ② 5minutes

Summer movie  

特別お題「夏の《映画・ドラマ・アニメ》」 Sponsored by Netflix le grand blue 映像と音楽が、涼しさへといざなってくれる素晴らしい作品。ロザンナ・アークエットの魅力が溢れています。

5 word women use 1 Fine! A hidden meaning

Catch and release...

To Autmun John Keats

What ’s in your bag?



We shouldn't have been wasteful

There you are!

The Koshien Tournament finished in an instant


Nice talking to you?

Terrifying Real Story


Oh! I just remembered!


Short scary stories

Drinking Water Regularly

Drinking water regularly.

Icecream with Brandy

今週のお題「好きなアイス」 爽+ブランデー

Drinking Water Regularly

Drinking Water Regularly


今回で、3回目になります。 来店して、感想を頂いた方には、缶バッジもれなく差し上げます。 吉祥寺にお立ち寄りの際は、吉祥寺シアターカフェで涼んでらしてください。 18・25.26日はお休みです。

With Paul