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Herbert Marshall McLuhan CC (/məˈkluːən/; July 21, 1911 – December 31, 1980) was a Canadian philosopher. His work is one of the cornerstones of the study of media theory. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, McLuhan studied at the University of Manitoba and the University of Cambridge. He began his teaching career as a professor of English at several universities in the U.S. and Canada before moving to the University of Toronto in 1946, where he remained for the rest of his life.
McLuhan coined the expression "the medium is the message" and the term global village, and predicted the World Wide Web almost 30 years before it was invented.He was a fixture in media discourse in the late 1960s,

though his influence began to wane in the early 1970s.In the years after his death, he continued to be a controversial figure in academic circles. With the arrival of the Internet and the World Wide Web, interest was renewed in his work and perspective


a persuasive language




a persuasive language

Sil:  ”What a hell are you doing?


Paul :  Me?  I was on a TV show, it was called ”Mr president Trump look-alike


Sil :      Realy?..


Sil:      By the way, What is the close call moment of your life?

Paul:   well I had a close call with death in1996 at Nice 


Sil :      Nice in France? What’s happened?


Paul:    A whole ceiling of the supermarket collapsed.. I was just going to shopping ,
            but a call from my something prevented me from shopping in the supermarket


Sil       Call from whom?


Paul    Oh! it wasn’t a phone call ,it was something like a whispering of an angel or                      maybe Ancestors


Sil        A whispering?


Paul:   mmm...not exactly a whispering ,I felt something, I can't explain...but I couldn't                  move and althogh felt a big big wall invisible in front of me!


Sil:       Oh! I see,it was a Fake story wasn’t it! Is it an influence from President                         Trump?


Paul      Believe me ! it was a true true realy true story! 100% sure ! I guarantee!


Sil         That seems like fishy.